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Garden franchises in the US

We currently don’t have any listings under this category but we have put together concise industry analysis below to help you make an informed franchising decision.

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Franchise Spotlight: Garden Services

Analysis shows that the garden services franchise sector is a robust and reliable business model.

Americans are famous for taking pride in their lawns and gardens. In fact, a tidy lawn can boost the value of a property by up to 15%! The garden services sector covers a broad range of areas and skills - from the traditional gardening, landscaping and lawn mowing to the more niche gutter repair, patio laying and driveway maintenance – there are lots of options to choose from.

One of the great things about tapping into this market is the wealth of franchise opportunities on offer and their teachability and scalability. They’re fairly easy to get up and running and have great potential to grow.

Garden services industry analysis

Garden service franchises are best suited to those who enjoy working outside. It’s a great benefit of this industry as it allows you to stay active and reap the rewards of getting fresh air and vitamin D on a daily basis.  Furthermore, this is a sector that has been less impacted than others by the pandemic, as being outdoors based has meant much of the work has been able to continue safely.

Another great benefit is the repeat business that comes with the sector. Providing you do a good job and offer competitive prices, lawns will always need mowing and gardens will need attending to on a regular basis. This is therefore a stable and reliable business model - as the grass grows, so should your business!

Do your research and assess the demographic and needs in your area. Affluent areas where residents have more disposable income, but less time, will likely use these services. Furthermore, elderly residents who have gardens might be less agile and physically unable to do the work themselves and will rely on your business.

Franchisees can lean on the wealth of experience, tried and tested systems and marketing campaigns the franchise has to offer, as well as a recognized brand name to draw in loyal customers.

This is an exciting and rewarding industry to be a part of and looks set for a bright and stable future.