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Top Three Reasons to Buy a Swimming Pool Service in Florida

Buying a swimming pool service in Florida makes perfect sense, and this article will offer the top reasons why it can be a profitable business venture.

Is buying a swimming pool service in Florida a good idea? It certainly can be.

Florida has one of the highest numbers of residential pools per capita – 1,590,000 to be specific. This number alone proves why a pool service is important. On top of this, it is a billion-dollar industry, with a market size of $1.33 billion in 2022.

Florida is also one of the most popular states, with a subtropical climate attracting approximately 137.6 million visitors in 2022.

The average cost of pool maintenance in South Florida is between $80 - $200 per hour. Commercial pool services could charge between $400 - $3,500. Of course, this amount will vary depending on what you specialize in, your qualifications, the size and type of a pool, and equipment needed.

So, how much can a pool cleaning service in Florida make? A pool cleaning service in Florida can earn between $104,000 - $124,000 annually. This amount can increase with a larger team and more clientele.

Now, let’s list the top reasons why you should buy a swimming pool service in Florida.

Rising residential demand

Most of Florida’s pool industry success is attributed to growing homebuyer and property developer demand for pools. This make sense, as summers are long and humid, so having access to a pool is essential.

Likewise, in-ground pools can also bump up property value by 7%, so swimming pool service owners can acquire many potential clients.

Opportunity to cater to large commercial clients

You can grow your swimming pool service by acquiring large commercial clients. Health centers, hotels, and resorts in Florida typically have large swimming pools. With hard work, a pragmatic pricing strategy and smart marketing, you could become the most favored swimming pool service.

While servicing commercial accounts will require far more work and time, clients will pay double or triple the amount compared to residential clients.

Access to an established client base

Although this is a common benefit when buying an existing business, it is particularly true for swimming pool services. Buying an existing swimming pool service will give you immediate access to multiple residential and commercial accounts, which takes significant resources and time to acquire.

Instead of focusing your efforts on client acquisition, you can focus on improving and growing your services, management systems and marketing strategies.

How can support your new business venture

It’s clear that buying a swimming pool service in Florida is a rational decision, attributed to an advantageous climate, high demand, and huge growth potential.

But how much does a swimming pool service cost to buy in Florida? We have multiple swimming pool businesses for sale in Florida, with asking prices ranging between $53,000 and $2 million. Those in a higher price range likely offer additional services, a large customer base, and quality inventory and equipment.

Before you make your decision, we recommend reading our article on how to run a swimming pool business. This will help you understand more about the market, license requirements, marketing ideas and more.

We hope this article has been helpful, and we wish you the very best of luck on your new journey to business ownership!

Megan Kelly

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