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Buying a business is an exciting journey, but it can be time-consuming and challenging. To support your goal of business ownership, our buying guides will offer helpful and reliable information.

From understanding what business is right for you to financing the purchase, these guides will cover every step, offer credible links, and provide helpful tools you can use.

Regardless of the industry you’re buying into, our buying guides are dedicated to helping you through your buying journey.

Buying a Business Guide

This guide will help you start your journey of buying a business. Find out how to decide which industry you should buy in and the best way to narrow down your search. You can also read more about what the perfect inquiry would look like when reaching out to a buyer.

Get to grips with the due diligence process and find out how to negotiate your purchase. You can also discover more about financing your investment and how you should value a potential purchase.

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Loans to Buy a Business Guide

Buying a business is an exciting journey, but not everyone has the money to finance the purchase. It’s not uncommon for buyers to consider different finance options, and this guide will offer a detailed list of different types of loans, angel investors, venture capitalists and more.

We’ll also provide a helpful checklist you can use to ensure your loan application is accepted, including business plan advice and how to negotiate finance terms that work for you.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Guide

Mergers and acquisitions are transactions executed for multiple reasons, including strategic corporate restructuring, streamlining efficiency, increasing profitability, and establishing power in a competitive marketplace.

This guide offers an analysis of the M&A process, including definitions, advantages and disadvantages, and examples.

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The Buyer’s Perspective: Mergers and Acquisitions

When pursuing M&A deals, two sides are needed to complete the transaction: a buy-side and a sell-side.

If you are a buyer considering an M&A deal, there are multiple variables, documents, strategies, and steps you need to consider. This guide will provide useful insights and guidance from the buyer’s perspective.

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Small Business Grants Guide

One of the biggest concerns for most entrepreneurs and business owners is funding. We know that this is a stressful part of someone’s business journey, so we’ve created a useful guide on grants and other funding options available to small business owners.

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