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Storage franchises in the US

We currently don’t have any listings under this category but we have put together concise industry analysis below to help you make an informed franchising decision.

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Franchise Spotlight: Storage

In an industry which has thrived during economic changes, franchising offers a robust business model in the storage sector.

The storage industry rents out and leases space to individuals and companies who have storage requirements. This industry includes self-storage units as well as warehouse options. In 2019 there were over 47,000 self-storage units in America and this number looks set to continue growing (Statista).

With an increase in start-up and online retailers who need flexible storage options, as well as the number of people looking to store household furniture in both the short and long term - this is an industry that looks set to continue thriving. Franchisees working in this sector can feel reassured that whether business is booming (and people need extra space for stock) or the economy has slowed down (and people need to store excess equipment or goods whilst they downsize), the storage sector is an economically secure bet.

Go Mini’s and Zippy Shell are two companies that offer customers, who are looking to move or store assets, portable container storage. Franchisees deliver the storage - and might move it to a new location or store it in climate-controlled facilities, depending on the needs of the customer.

Storage Industry Analysis

Experience in this sector is not usually required but, unless you already have warehouse space available, the initial investment into the storage sector can be high. There are a range of options to consider - from mobile storage units to operating and managing warehouse space. Franchisees will benefit from strong business acumen and good organizational and management skills.

New advances in storage - including stackable containers, which reduce space wastage, are worth considering, as customers often want the ability to add to, or decrease, their storage requirements to reflect changes in their business needs. With many customers choosing to store items of considerable value - both financial and sentimental - the trusted brand name of an established business can be very reassuring.