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Reference: SF10691

ID: MV0434

Electric & Construction Company

United States

Union Electric and Commercial-Focused Construction Company specializes in Public-Works Projects

Reference: SF10691

ID: MV0434

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Industry Overview

Electric & Construction Company



Business Description

$10M+/- Pipeline ON THE BOOKS for 2022 and beyond.  

Specializes in Public-Works Projects; High-Barrier-to-Entry. PRE-APPROVED Electric & Construction Contractor in dozens of School Districts, public agencies, government entities and multiple-site companies.

2021 a Covid-laggard year for construction; 2022+ best-ever booked jobs, ensuring material success/profits into the future.

Financial Summary

2021 Revenue - $5.9m

Customer Overview

Assignments include close work on numerous projects with repeat-group of pre-approved GCs in the public construction space, and several ongoing open P.O./maintenance contracts with government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

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