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Reference: DFNB001

ID: MV0163

32 Bed Assisted Living Elderly Care Center

United States

Acquire a company specialising in long term senior care.

Reference: DFNB001

ID: MV0163

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Cañon City, Colorado

Business Description

Assisted living is a very important part of the continuum of seniorcare. This 32 bed assisted living elderly care business consists of two properties each with 16 beds and attached homes for owners or supervisors. This business is designed for individuals who require assistance with everyday activities such as meals, medication management or assistance, bathing, dressing and transportation. With that in mind, a long-term care option that combines housing and support services is the perfect solution for those concerned with the care of their loved ones. The centers do have an innovative work program for residents that help them with self-confidence and a sense of well-being. 

One property was built in 2003 and the other was completed in 2008. Each 16 bed facility is one-story consisting of approximately 4,150 square feet and both centers have an attached two-story single family residence attached.

Included assets: Two fully functioning 16 bed facilities each on approximately 1 acre of land. 1 relatively new transport van.

Several options exist for a new owner. The facility is fully staffed and could be operated as the current owner is doing with no change in staffing or responsibilities. Additional marketing is always an option to increase occupancy. If the new owner was a couple they could occupy one of the residences and take on some of the responsibilities such as cook, administrator or even handyman services for which there is a full time person now. Each room can support an additional tenant which will double current capacity and rent roll.

Seven days per week with on-call staff 24 hours per day.
14 full-time and 2-4 part-time employees

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