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Wholesaler franchises in the US

We currently don’t have any listings under this category but we have put together concise industry analysis below to help you make an informed franchising decision.

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Franchise Spotlight: Wholesaler Franchise

If you’re considering a wholesaler franchise, find out more about them.

If you know that retail is not the right option for you, a wholesaler franchise could be. Finding the right type of franchise for you is the first step to running a successful business.

Owning and running a wholesaler franchise will make you responsible for buying products from a manufacturer and selling them to retailers. You will act as a middleman. You will get large batches of products and divide them into smaller ones so that you can pass them onto the retailer.

One of the differences between distributors and wholesalers is that the wholesaler can sell directly to the consumer. On the other hand, a distributor will often have a contract that outlines the territory and supply chain of distribution and will not be able to sell competing products. 

Wholesale Franchise Industry

It is quite possible that you will need a large amount of capital to invest in a wholesaler franchise. With this capital, you will need to purchase the goods that you will be selling.

You should also consider that being a wholesaler will require that you have space to store the goods you have received from the manufacturer.

You will have to carefully consider the products you choose to sell as you will not choose how you market or present them, unlike a retailer. You will also need to sell all the product that you have purchased to make a profit. So, be aware of shifting consumer trends.