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Peckwater Brands - Virtual Brand Specialist Franchise

Take home an extra £4,476 to £14,737 in cash profit per month. *Guaranteed returns



Take home an extra $4,476 to $14,737 in cash profit per month. *Guaranteed returns

Peckwater provides a virtual extension to hundreds of kitchens across the UK, US, and Europe that want to increase their revenue and take advantage of a growing food delivery market.

With more than 20% of all food spend taking place via online delivery, now is the time to maximise the uncapped potential behind running a virtual brand.

Peckwater helps restaurants, cafes, pubs, or any commercial kitchen reach a wider pool of customers by implementing our carefully curated virtual brands.

  • Our brands are pre-tested, with professional imagery and packaging.
  • The brands you take are exclusive to you, in your local area.
  • We run the marketing to increase your sales - we run this, so you don’t have to.
  • We use data science tools to give you the best brands for your area.
  • We provide proven recipes - using under 50 ingredients across 3 virtual brands.
  • You get in-person training for your whole team.
  • You get ongoing, in-person support from a dedicated franchise manager.
  • You’ll start selling in less than 14-days!

Our motto is “You run the kitchen, we do the rest.”

You may be familiar with some of our brands.


The Commercials

  • Take home an extra $4,476 to $14,737 per month in cash profit
  • Guaranteed 23-31% Net Income
  • Increase delivery orders by an average of +823%
  • Reduce wastage by an average of 4%
  • Reduce ingredients costs by an average of -11%
  • Minimal upfront cost - you just pay for the initial food order.


  • FSA Rating
  • Platform Rating
  • 50+ opening hours per week

If you would like to hear more on how you can benefit from running a Peckwater virtual brand please enquire now.

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