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Best.Energy - Energy Monitoring Business Opportunity

The green energy tech company with unlimited growth potential, riding a wave of unprecedented demand. They're seeking franchisees across America.

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An opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs wanting to help fight Climate Change


best energy

Best.Energy is a company at the leading edge of green technology, dedicated to bringing energy efficiency to companies across the globe. We do this via a network of channel partners, each one armed with the training, products and resources they need to bring our solutions to their markets.

Based in the UK, but with offices in Florida (USA) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), we design, own and manufacture proprietary energy monitoring and management products, i.e., we create the technology the world needs to identify energy waste and eradicate it. In the context of rapidly rising energy costs and looming Climate Change, there has never been a better time to join our network and thrive with us.

We work with the likes of KFC, McDonald’s, SPAR, Accor Group, Nando’s and many more. We have partners and energy-saving installations in over 50 countries, sending back over 2.7 billion data points every single day.


best energy

The energy efficiency market’s prospects are unparalleled. As Bill Gross (billion-dollar US investor) said: “Reinventing energy is a trillion-dollar opportunity.”

Best.Energy is only just starting to scratch the surface of that opportunity. Between now and 2026, the energy management market is expected to grow 14.06% annually, climbing from $9.07bn to over $15.36bn in revenue. There are many, many companies which don’t exist yet that will make their millions from that revenue gap. Our franchise will create many of them.

The Best.Energy model has many advantages: Start-up costs are minimal, no physical location is required, and your earning potential is limitless; you can grow the business to as large a size as suits your objectives.

Profit margins are significant, and with innovative financing, even substantial projects can be broken down into manageable monthly fees that are attractive to your clients but cash-flow friendly to you. We aim for our franchisees to consistently deliver a ‘net gain’ to their clients where their fees to you are outweighed by their energy savings. It’s a hugely powerful proposition that is the dream of any sales-focused entrepreneur.

We rely on our network of 100+ partners. They operate worldwide, and their hard work directly influences our success and ability to build the brand. Everything we do, therefore, is designed to contribute to their success: products, training, and resources, all geared towards improving your performance as a Best.Energy franchise partner.


We are best known for our energy monitoring technology: Eniscope. Thousands of units are currently installed worldwide, with clients like KFC, McDonald’s, SPAR, Starbucks, Nando’s, Meny Supermarkets, Accor Group Hotels and many more.

The product provides real-time energy monitoring to a range of clients from different sectors, identifying where they’re wasting energy and helping to eradicate that waste. You can read reviews for the product – which is a core part of what our franchise partners sell – on Capterra.

The global success of this product provides a wealth of case studies for new franchise partners to draw from and has led to many corporate relationships you can leverage. Our global network is best known for using the product effectively to deliver energy savings.

best energy

best energy


  • World-leading products that are already installed with big-name clients and with high-profit margins.
  • Expert training and a repeatable tried and tested sales process to follow.
  • Low start-up costs and no physical location required. You can start with minimal team size and scale as the business grows.
  • Rapid growth market in the high-profile green technology sector.
  • A chance to ‘profit with integrity’ and make a difference in the fight against Climate Change.


We seek intelligent business professionals with proven track records.

You must also have a passion for sustainability and the battle against Climate Change.

Liquid capital and the will to build a business around energy-saving solutions are also needed.

Connections in crucial target sectors like manufacturing, hotels and product engineering, as well as a strong sales background and comfort in a c-suite level meeting environment, would be useful.


Franchise Fee: $50,000

Minimum Investment: $25,000

Minimum Liquid Capital: $50,000

best energy


USA School District Saves $8m+ on  Energy Costs
USA School District Saves $8m+ on Energy Costs
Brief Overview: The $500m project value is obviously striking, but perhaps even more impressive is the model being offered to the client - a US schools district - to make it happen. For the client, there are a number of attractive features to that model. They have no capital expenditure, at ...
Metal Foundry Saves 42.5% on Energy Bills Through the Power of Energy Monitoring
Metal Foundry Saves 42.5% on Energy Bills Through the Power of Energy Monitoring
To tackle the rising energy costs in Brazil, EfficienC teams up with Energy Management company Wattson & SENAI Engineers to deliver real results through the Eniscope. Legislation has become increasingly strict worldwide in regard to energy consumption within manufacturing sector related ...
AC Focus Brings Big Savings for Starbucks
AC Focus Brings Big Savings for Starbucks
Starbucks in Mumbai feels the benefits of Eniscope & ACES 2 As with all energy projects executed by Best.Energy Partners globally, this project at a store in Mumbai started with an Eniscope 8 Channel monitoring system being installed on-site. This provided full energy use visibility at a ...
Supermarket Brand Rely on Eniscope for Proactive Energy Management
Supermarket Brand Rely on Eniscope for Proactive Energy Management
Scandinavian supermarkets benefit from comprehensive energy analysis and achieve huge energy savings Best.Energy’s flagship partner in Scandinavia, IQ Energy Nordic, have been working hand-in-hand with KFI - a commercial foundation that owns around 50% of the rights to Meny and SPAR ...
7-Eleven Undertake 616+ Site Energy Management Project
7-Eleven Undertake 616+ Site Energy Management Project
7-Eleven in Malaysia set to save over 17.5 million kWh A large 7-Eleven franchisee with stores across Malaysia and beyond has embarked upon a huge roll-out of energy saving products, now stretching to over 600 stores. Led by BEST partners Retes Energy, the stores are taking advantage of an ...
Energy Efficiency Project Delivers up to 40% Energy Savings
Energy Efficiency Project Delivers up to 40% Energy Savings
KFC restaurants are benefiting from reduced bottom-line energy costs out in Malaysia. A BEST partner in Malaysia has brokered a landmark energy deal with global fast-food giants KFC, paving the way for a potentially huge Southeast Asian Eniscope energy monitoring roll-out. That is despite ...
Best.Energy Partner Transforms Energy Landscape for Dairy Factory in Honduras
Best.Energy Partner Transforms Energy Landscape for Dairy Factory in Honduras
Lumen Energy Solutions have teamed up with a Diary Product Factory to reduce their energy bill and deliver quality solutions to lower consumption. With the soaring electricity rates that have long burdened Central America, the client set out to investigate ways to reduce energy consumption ...
Case Study - Tex Plastics, UK [Manufacturing]
Case Study - Tex Plastics, UK [Manufacturing]
At the start of 2023, Eniscope devices went live at Tex Plastics in the UK - helping them to identify and eradicate energy waste on site. With no CapEx required, they've saved over 26% against consumption and there's more to go at. Watch the video to explore how the solution has been ...
Introduction to the Best.Energy Opportunity
Introduction to the Best.Energy Opportunity
21 July 2022
What could a business in the energy efficiency & IoT industry offer you?