iOB Business receives more positive partner feedback

24 August 2021

iOB Business receives more positive partner feedback

Helping their partners build successful, long term Digital Agencies is a core mission for the team at iOB Business. It is the reason why the co-founders started the company a few years ago and also a big reason for the value-driven model they have created to date.

Combining their bespoke technology platforms with an expert fulfilment team, live training, lifetime support and marketing resources has helped iOB Business grow a partner network that spans the globe.

All of the investment and continuous innovation is designed to keep iOB Business partners at the forefront of helping small business owners unlock the power of digital marketing. With lots of exciting client projects completed recently as well as many more in the pipeline, it seems as though the network is going from strength to strength.

iOB Business recently compiled a network wide survey to better understand the experiences of their partners as well as find out what additional solutions, training and tools the head office team could make available for the network.

The results were fascinating and further reinforced the positive impact iOB Business is making with its stakeholders, especially partners and their clients. 

James Mohamed, Co-Founder of iOB Business, commented, “It’s always great to receive positive feedback from our partners as they are the most important part of our business. Everything we are developing and creating is to help our partners grow successful Digital Agencies with us.

We have lots of new innovations that we are working on and these will accelerate the performance of our partners across the globe. We pride our company on being open and transparent so it’s always motivating to receive positive reinforcement from our partners. Long may this continue.”

The head office team at iOB Business are certainly doing all they can to help their partner network work with all types of small businesses in their quest to enhance their online presence. 

To find out more about how iOB Business is making a difference to their partners and their clients, please contact a member of their team.


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